My Testimony

My Personal Testimony

I came to know my Savior, Jesus Christ August 15th 1977. I was a young Mother newly separated faced with the fact of raising my children on my own. At that same time I was feeling so alone and thought no one cared. Unknown to me at that time I had a Heavenly Father who was looking down on me with a smile and an out stretched hand from Heaven above. He saw the despair and lonliness. He didn’t leave me alone but sent me a fellow Christian couple who would eventually lead me to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.

I will back up to the time frame to tell my story: The time period was back in the Spring of 1977 when my marriage first started showing signs of trouble. At that same time I was thinking about my two young children a son and a daughter. They were 3 and a half and 7 and a half. I had come from a Christian background where my great-grandmother was a born again Sprit filled woman of God, my second cousins were all Christians involved in some form of ministry. I have memories of being a 4 and 5 year old little girl visiting my great-grandmother who always demonstrated Godly Love. I started thinking about those things and thought even though I wasn’t attending church my children should be attending Sunday school. God already was paving the way. I decided that I would send my children on the church bus I had seen in my neighborhood. The church bus was from a local Pentecostal Assembly of Canada church. Isn’t God good. Awesome how God works and paves the way.

When I called the church they were more than happy to come and pick up 2 children for Sunday school. The children were happy to attend and looked forward to each Sunday when they got to travel on the big red and white church bus. They met and made many friends and in the end had a very special friend that would turn out to be a friend for life, the friend was, Jesus Christ, who became their Savior.

The people from the church always showed me kindness, support and encouraged me. They didn’t pressure me to attend church but did invite me out to their special services. It was at that time I got to know the children’s Bus Captain and Driver who picked my children up for Sunday School each Sunday. They eventually became my friends. God sure had work to do in my life. He was faithful and never once left me alone. I was aware of another comforting presence that was always with me which I now know was the comfort of God’s Holy Spirit.

My husband and I had separated twice that Spring. We reconciled one last time before the final separation which would take place in the summer of 1977. During that last reconciliation with my husband I would see first hand how God comforts His children.

My grandfathers only sister passed away that June of 1977. I went to the funeral service. It was at that time I was re-united back with my Christian family on my grandfathers side. The service was really a Celebration Service. I was struck with how could people be so at peace as well as be grieving the loss of their beloved Mother, Grandmother and Aunt. The service witnessed to me and sure set the stage of what would be a series of witness from many other people and the church who was picking up my children for Sunday School. That chain reaction would eventually lead me to know Jesus a my Savior and Lord.

God already was watching over me and was preparing the way when I would be ready to surrender to His Son, Jesus Christ……….. In spite of the difficulties I was going through with my marriage breaking up and now my special great-aunt passing away God was right there. He was gently leading me by the hand and gently drawing me close to His side. He demonstrated His Love and Mercy throughout the whole time. I came to know what I know today is that God will never leave me nor forsake me. He is the same yesterday today and forever. God loved me so much that He was not willing to leave me to myself. God’s desire was to draw me ever so close to His bosom and for me to know Jesus His Son as my personal Savior.

As I look back now it was during the Memorial Service the Lord used the message, the music and my family to speak to my heart and prepare me for that day some 2 months later when I would surrender my heart and life to Jesus Christ. Long after I went back home the words that were spoken in the Memorial service took hold deep in my heart gently nudging and drawing me ever so close to Jesus Christ.

It was at that time I felt the drawing to watch a Sunday Morning Telecast called The People’s Church. I began to watch the Sunday service each week. During that time the Spirit of God was moving on my heart giving me a hunger for Him. At the time I really didn’t know what I was searching for but knew I wanted peace and knew it had something to do with attending church. I remembered my young years when I attended Sunday School and attended a Private Catholic Girls School that it was in those places I felt secure and felt the peace.

At the same time I watched the telecast I began to read my Family Bible that was given to me as a Wedding Shower gift from my mother in law. I turned to the Psalms. It was there I was drawn closer to Christ. At the same time the Lord was dealing with my heart I felt compelled to send my children to Sunday School. It didn’t take me long to make up my mind with deciding to send them on the Red and White church bus that was right in my neighborhood.

The church was called Peoples Church in Hamilton Ontario which had the same name as the Toronto churches Television Ministry I was watching weekly but was not related. As time went on the children looked forward to each week when they would board the church bus for Sunday School. They really loved Doug and Mary their driver and Bus Captain. They really loved the children they picked up for Sunday School. Doug drove the bus and Mary his wife ran a program with singing songs and playing games while riding the bus picking up children and their families all through the neighborhood.

Doug, the children’s Bus Driver was also with a Visitation Team with the church and made himself available every Tuesday night for visiting the people the church asked him to. This one night Doug felt the leading of the Lord to visit me to see how I was doing. He was aware I had been left on my own and was really hurting and struggling with those issues of being a single parent.

Doug showed up at my door one Tuesday evening and asked if he could come in and chat. At first I was reluctant but in the end I said yes and invited him in. Soon after Doug came in and got settled in the chair he would sit in for the rest of the evening I soon realized that this Sunday school Bus Driver was on a mission. He had something in mind and I was about to find out God indeed had a plan for my life as Doug followed the leading of the Lord and shared God’s Plan of Salvation with me.

He proceeded to tell me how much he and Mary were enjoying picking up my children for Sunday School. He shared how the children were so enthused and were well behaved on the church bus and in the class. They got a- long well with the other children and really enjoyed hearing about Jesus. They participated in the activities of the class and were eager to know as much as they could about the Lord. They also were always excited to come home and share the Lord with me and show me the pictures they colored and sing the new songs they learned. Throughout the evening Doug shared Jesus, the Plan of Salvation by showing me in scripture what Jesus had done for me and for all of mankind. He said if I would open up my heart and life to Jesus He would come into my heart and wash me with His blood and cleanse me from my sin. He explained to me that without the shedding of blood there could be no forgiveness of sin. He read scripture and showed me the reason why Jesus died on Calvarys Cross to cleanse me from all sin. He told me I had a loving and kind God who sent His Son to die for my sins so I could have a new life in Him. By the end of the evening my heart was softened towards the things of God. I was ready to receive Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord.

Doug led me through the Steps that would show me where I was right then and where I was heading if I continued on the path I was on. He showed me where I could be if I would surrender my heart to Jesus and invite Him into my life. These same steps that Doug shared with me are included here under the title Steps to Peace with God.

By the end of the evening after hearing Doug share Jesus I was ready to accept the Lord into my heart and into my life.

So on August 15th, 1977 right there in my own livingroom I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart by praying a simple prayer that would change my life from that day forward. The following Sunday I travelled on the Red and White Sunday school bus with my children and made a public confession of my faith before the congregation of what I had done previously that Tuesday evening in my own livingroom. Believe me after I invited Jesus to come into my life I was totally changed and was a different person. The peace of God saturated my whole being.

The next 3 months of my life saw me wanting more and more of God. I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues my prayer language and followed the Lord in Water Baptism. What I had tried to do many times in the past Jesus did in a very short period of time and took a habit of smoking 2 and a half packages of cigarettes a day, took the desire for alcohol and wine from me and cleaned up my life and set me on a new course. I was a new person who was filled with the Peace of God. I have walked with God for the past 37 years since that day of August 15, 1977 when I began my new journey with God taking me by the hand and showing me His plan that He had for me. I have gone through both good and tough times but I have always known a Savior who was always right at my side leading me every step of the way as He provided me with the strength I needed. God has been my source of strength, mercy, guidance and direction showing me His Love. He has proven over and over again that my God will never leave me nor forsake me.

Friend, what Jesus did for me 36 years ago He can do for you today. I would like to encourage you to begin a new life, open your heart up to Jesus and let Him come in. He has a plan and a purpose for your life. The void or emptiness you are experiencing right now can be filled with Jesus who is your Prince of Peace. He is the One who will wash you and cleanse you from your sin and make you whole. Today can be the first day of your life that will be forever changed when Jesus comes in to stay.

If you are ready to open up your life and accept Christ as your Savior and Lord say this following prayer……. This is a prayer I said 37 years ago………..

I haven’t ever regretted it and you won’t either………..

Dear Lord Jesus,

I know I am a sinner and need Your forgiveness. I believe that You died for my sins. I want to turn from my sins. I now invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as Lord and Savior. In Jesus Name I pray…………

If you prayed this prayer sincerely you are now a brand new person in Christ Jesus…….

Which means my friend you are now a Born Again Christian……….

Welcome into the Family of God!!!


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